It is an annual 24-hour writing marathon that begins at midnight on January 1. (All time zones.)


The purpose of this worldwide challenge is twofold: to create new works and to raise donations for tree planting organizations.

Which writing genres are eligible?
During FIRST WRITE™, you may write fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, blog posts, anything—but it has to be a shiny new writing project.

Is there a fee required to participate?
No, but we do request that you make a donation to one or more tree planting organizations. (See list on page 25 of our handbook.)  We believe this is a fair exchange for the paper resources you use daily. 

Is FIRST WRITE™ just a writing marathon?

Not necessarily. You could invite some writing friends for a FIRST WRITE™ party or dedicate the day as your private New Year's writer's retreat. (See page 7 to learn how to combine writing with wellness.)


Do I really have to write for the full 24 hours? What about naps?

For the sake of your wellness, we suggest you take hourly breaks and occasional naps. To create your own schedule that is both challenging and productive, read "Step Five: Plan your schedule" on page 6.


If I do this by myself, what kind of support does FIRST WRITE™ offer? 

There are tips and beginning writing prompts included in our handbook. Additionally, writing prompts and discussion will be available through our private Facebook group during the 24-hour period.


Will there be swag?

Absolutely! When you subscribe to the FIRST WRITE™ website, you will be eligible to participate in the New Year's Day raffle for giveaways. Winners will be announced on this website and on our Facebook page


I’d like to host a FIRST WRITE™ group event in my area or online. Where do I get more information?

We welcome FIRST WRITE™ groups throughout the planet with the understanding that you may use the FIRST WRITE™ name ONLY if you do not charge admission to your event.


Also, FIRST WRITE™ is not responsible for any costs incurred by your group for venues, catering, advertising, etc. 



Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact FIRST WRITE™ organizer Eleyne-Mari Sharp at FirstWriteOrg@gmail.com.

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